Introduction For Stock Market Trading

Investing in stock market need the serious education, we will help you to learn how to make decision before ‘in and out’ from market.

Spot trading is a trading form involving the financial market of the world including d o w j o n e s Industrial Average (d j i a), n a s d a q Composite index, hong k o n g Market (hang s e n g index), Japan(nikkei 225), South Korea (k o s p i Index) and Foreign Exchange as reference.

The stock market/stock exchange manages the time – share index counted based on the market recapitulation comprising share blue chip and second line share on the average fluctuation of 100 up to 300 points a day.

Foreign trading is a trade exploiting any change of the exchange rate of two different currencies from the fluctuation on the average of 80 up to 200 points a day, 24 hours in a day, 5 day in a week.

Being supported by sophisticated technology, everyone may keep up with the movement of foreign and index price and may become a participant in the world markets. One of the
forms of index and foreign trading is margin trading where by having relatively small amount of fund, the customer may carry out any transaction in a certain contract of which amount is bigger than the investment fund.

In Index Market and foreign market the investor can determine to take any position such as buying or selling, and can liquidate such position in an anytime as well.

In Stock market Trading provides facilities of online trading where every customer can perform transaction directly by using name and personal password of the user and in addition,
The customer can access the world trading, analyze graphics and get the newest account status.
The internet access facilitates the investor or market doers in transaction at anytime and anywhere from office, home or even while on vacation.

Before performing any transaction, shall make a analysis to determine a type of transaction which will be committed.

There are two kinds of analysis usually used in Stock market Trading, namely :

1. Technical Analysis

It is based on the change of price which will be then clarified in the forms of statistic graphics : Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Moving Averages, R S I, M A C D and other analysis
That all of them can be utilized to predict price movement Stock market Trading

2. Fundamental Analysis

It is based on social-economics and political changes form countries all over the world, especially from economic super power countries, for instance : rates of interest,
Inflation rates, unemployment rates, war, strikes, the government policy that influence economic movement of the countries. The changes occurring in the superior companies
Joining in a index shall become indicators.